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Adress: Moscow, Leningradsky avenue, building 66, office 6. Company "Decoware".
   +7(495) 931-96-23
   +7(495) 545-11-19
               Call me!

Office`s layout chart

How to reach: (please, let us know of your time visit in advance)
Arraving "Airport" metro station, go to the traffic working direction, moving from the center.
After turnstiles, turn right.
Going up to the avenue, move along the avenue by the building 66.
Go through the arch in the middle of this building and turn left - you will see pink annex.
Find door intercommunication system and press the button ╣6 - you will be opened.

Essential Elements ╬╬╬ "Decoware"
LLC "Decoware"
INN/KPP 7734542850/773401001
OGRN 1067746581121
Actual address:125315, Moscow, Leningradsky avenue, building 66, office 6.
Please, ask the invoce in advance.
Bank`s Essential Elements for USD:
      acc. 40702840700810156075
Intermediary bank :
      Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, USA,     SWIFT BKTRUS33
Beneficiaryĺs bank:
     GLOBEXBANK, Moscow, Russia,     SWIFT GLOBRUMM
     corr.acc. 04-416-257
Bank`s Essential Elements for EURO:
      acc. 40702978300810156075
Intermediary bank :
      Ost-West Handelsbank AG, Frankfurt/Main       SWIFT OWHB DE FF
      Americas, New York, USA
Beneficiaryĺs bank:
     GLOBEXBANK, Moscow, Russia          SWIFT GLOBRUMM
     corr.acc. 0103 100 012
Please, ask the invoce in advance.

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