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  Curtain Design Modeling System NewHermitage has been developed for use in elite curtain sewing salons.
   NewHermitage enables you:
  • make curtains of any models, sizes and fabrics;
  • demonstrate sketches to your clients;
  • automatically generate a model cutting;
  • optimally arrange cutting details on the fabrics;
  • keep a client database;
  • print cutting maps, 3D image of your model in a 3D environment, and also the order lists.
  • calculate materials consumption and the cost of production of any model you might whish to create automatically.
  • import new fabrics, cornices, decorative elements, etc.
  • export work results to popular graphic formats.
  The program allows you to show all the advantages of your model; save fabric through rational cutting, and also standardize your documentation. NewHermitage will give you the edge on competitors and imbue your efforts with the touch of class.   The system is fairly simple and can be operated even by not-too-experienced users.

Software NewHermitage has 3 versions:
  • Heavy - full-functional version. All software functions are available here (the description of these functions you can see in the Manual). The volume of the fabric library delivered with the software is 300 pcs.
  • Middle - There are some limitations in comparison with Heavy. This version doesn`t have some reports: "E-mail report", "Contract" and "Analysis". Using 3d condition, you will be able to create only rectangular room. The volume of the fabric library delivered with the software is 100 pcs.
  • Light - Here you will find the same report package as in the version Middle. 3d condition is not available here. The volume of the fabric library delivered with the software is 16 pcs. This version is the right choice if you don`t need 3d condition or if you just want to try the software.
Having bought the Light version, you can upgrade it to Middle or Hight ones by paying the difference.

Screenshots of creating and estimation the simple curtain model you can see here.

Software NewHermitage upgrades constantly. Upgraded ones are available on the page "Download" .
The list of innovations (for the each new version) is available on the page "Innovations"