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Here you can find some training materials, additional utilites and upgraded NewHermitage for a new version.
The list of innovations and changes, based on a software version, you can find here. Attention, please! DemoVersion of NewHermitage is not exist!
The manual for working in system NewHermitage, v.3.8.01 (.zip 1.2 mb)
Driver for key with the manual to installation it. (.zip 3.9 mb)
Library "Symfony of colors 2" (.zip 0.72 mb)
Fabric library of the company "Decor-ART". (.zip 0.65 mb)
It`s better to update your software version before download the library.
NewHermitage upgrade. Version 3.9.15.
  To start working with updated NewHermitage 3.9.15 you will need a special configuration file. Ask the seller of your NewHermitage version to provide you with it. If you start working without this file you will see the message "Error №145". Please, connect with your seller" and NewHermitage will stop working.
   To download software for setting the file easy, it has been devided into 3 parts in rar. Attention, please! Use these archives only to update actual version. Plese, read closely the reference source, which is in the archives, before setting.
Part 1 (.rar 4.0 mb)
Part 2 (.rar 4.0 mb)
Part 3 (.rar 1.6 mb)
The manual to upgrade NewHermitage. (.zip 0.001 mb)
  If you have fast chanal to connect with the Internet, you can download the file to upgrade as one file (without fragmentation into some parts) pressing HERE. (.zip 10.0 mb)