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Some innovations and changes of NewHermitage follow. They are given in accordance with a version.

The security system has been changed.4.0.00
The envelope software for installation disc has been made.3.9.23
Processing of the fabric image directly in the software. Available: cutting along repeat, correction of perspective distortion, rotation.3.9.23
Copying of several objects at the same time.3.9.23
Representation of cutting of the jabot lining in the cutting map is available.3.9.22
Representation of the fabric images has been improved. Now all images have the same proportions.3.9.22
Representation of the fabrics and curtain tapes parameters which were with numerous figures after the point has been corrected.3.9.22
The line of prepayment has been added when exporting the price to Excel format.3.9.22
Turning of the lambrequin cutting when changing the fabric orientation is available. At the same time, if necessary, the lambrequin might be cutted to pieces.3.9.22
Capability of bundling of the "decorative elements" with the fabrics has been added. This option allows to take account of fabric consumption in reports of Specification and Price.3.9.21
Representation of holes in the lambrequin cutting./td>3.9.17
Figures on the labels are accurate within millimetre.3.9.17
Capability of turning of the Bezier Matrix in the Poligonal Model Editor has been added.3.9.17
Capability of using more than one prices has been added.3.9.17
There are some modifications to let the net version of the NewHermitage work faster.3.9.15
When you export the price and specification to Excel you can open your Excel file immediately (before saving). 3.9.12
The process of model preview has been improved.3.9.12
The painting area has been created. This function is for making dissimilar painting of an object. For exp, when swag goes from one side of lambrequin to another you will need the opportunity to paint your lambrequin as nonuniform object. 3.9.12 demomovie
The objects tree has been created. It makes your work with model easier. 3.9.12 demomovie
Now the cutting map of swag is exact and detailed. 3.9.11
Now the cutting map of tie is exact and detailed. 3.9.11
The undo button has been added to the editor of polygonal models.3.9.11
If you press "Enter" in the editor of an object, it will be equals of pressing the button "Apply". 3.9.11
When you use the function of import fabrics via Excel file, the transparency masks will be added also.3.9.11
Now you can calculate several types of installation works at once.3.9.10
Inaccuracy of location of enlarged arbitrary image has been corrected.3.9.10
In the report of Price the function "Use the specification data" has been tuned on default.3.9.10
Now you can export the data of Specification and Price to Excel form. (only in Heavy version) 3.9.10
Inaccuracy of calculation material consumption for coverlet and pillows has been corrected.3.9.10
Now you have an opportunity of building an arbitrary image with fabrics and, later on, you can use it in the reports Specification and Price. 3.9.06
Possibility of cutting objects arrangement on the cutting table automatically.
Now, working with loops, you can use some additional objects: Edging, Lining, Edging processing.
Working with grab, you can use some additional objects: Edging, Lining, Edging processing.
Possibility to add new objects just in the Editor.
New objects addition is easier.
The new function of the Menu: "Revolve on OY axis". Now you can get the reflected object just doing one click.
The fabric`s picture selection in "Polygonal lambrequin (Valance or Pelmet)", "Roman blind" with the help of cutting objects displacement on a fabric.
Curtain model saving as a graphic format (.jpg, .bmp) with high resolution (up to 500 dpi).
You can turn arbitrary images with the help of mouse and key Ctrl
Possibility to move all objects inside of the frame simultaneously (modifier SHIFT).
Scaling of decorative and arbitrary images.
You can see axes in the Designer of polygonal models.
Possibility of estimation of swag fabric comsumption by a table.
Possibility to change the main currency.
Fabric comsumption for Austrian blind can be estimated depending on a fabric orientation.
Edging processing for a Tail and Austrian blind has been added.
The opportunity to change sizes and forms of objects has been added with the help of mouse. demofilm
New type of curtain - a curtain with displacement of fastenings and allowances.
Registration of customer`s advance payment has been added to contracts.
Now NewHermitage is the multi-languaged software! The English version has been added. If you need to add any other language, please, address your request to the Decoware marketing department, using tel. +7(905)566-79-91 or e-mail.
Consumption of fabric for the Roman blined is calculated taking into account repeat.
A lot of small changes and additions.
An opportunity to create protected librarys by consumers.
An opportunity to create compressed librarys by consumers.
Parameters of fabric: repeat, width and markup for complexity could be brought in as fractional numbers.
Import from the external database (DB) of designers.
Price-tabels for calculating cost of making swags, jabots, tails, valances and quiltings have been put. They are available in "Master of price setting"
Estimation of quilting cost based on type of quilting and it`s area.
In editor of polygonal models, model`s representations are used as a background.
Cost estimation of making jabots and tails, depending on width, has been put into an opportunities of the software.
Cost of loop`s installation has been put.
An opportunity to move all points at once in the polygonal designer./td>
There is "Master of price setting". It helps to tune the prices for producing details of curtain`s decor quickly and easy.
Allowance has been put on a curtain`s tape3.8.0.7
Allowance has been put on fringes and tapes3.8.0.7
An opportunity to calculate the cost of swag sewing, based on it`s length, has been put to the software.
An opportunity to calculate the cost of jabot sewing, based on it`s length, has been put to the software.
An opportunity to move away objects with the help of key Del has been added to the software.
Work with integer and fractional numbers of fabric pieces has been provided.
The system of discount cards has been put.
Import-export of curtain`s tape has been provided.
An opportunity to reflect only cost of sewing in an order.
The table of images has been added to the slideshow.
Translucency of cutting objects has been added.
Edging for coverlets and pillows has been added.
Indication of displacement of seam from the top edge of object has been added to label.
Reflection of markup (20%) for making an object, using customer`s fabric, has been added.
Drawing of swag has been improved.
An extra object "Edge handling" has been added.
The type of edge handling "Skew jet" has been added.
laser printer support has been added.
Markup for sewing using complicated fabrics.
Price estimation for cringle installation.
Indication of seam numbers to sew curtain`s tape has been put.
Ease forming of upper and side hand of range has been put - FreeStyle.
Export to Excel a hand-picked fabric catalogue.
Export to Excel a list of customers.
Export to Excel a list of suppliers.
Setting a type of objects, which is made by silence.
Making an arbitrary pickup.
Price printing has been done.
Export of fabrics, decorative elements, masks, ledges, wallpapers, views and background as NewHermitage librarys.
Supplier selection with import of object has been added.
Drawing of fabric icons in the editor of image selection has been improved.
Keeping in a graphic format - jpg format has been added.
Import of settings with importing from external databases has been added.
Cost estimation of making pickup has been put.
Creation of specification using fabric consumption from cutting table.
Batton for print setting of  specifications.
Drawing of window view has been changed.
Round windows and slant windows has been put.
Parameter "Displacement of loop from the edge" has been added to loops.
Setting for shrinkage factor has been put.
Automatic estimation of fabric consumption for making loops has been changed.
Cost of sewing Roman blind is estimated now for square metre.
Import of detas about Ermitage objects like connector, rings, arbitrary images of fabrics has been added from Excel.
The estimation error of quantity of vertical tape in French blind has been changed.
Independent ranging of different types of frames.
Ranging of separate object from a pop-up menu.
Buttons: "Undo", "Redo"
Check-up of screen`s color depth with software starting.